We offer integrated system design that meet YOUR needs.

We design grid-connected, off-grid, or hybrid solar systems according to our clients’ specific financial and technical requirements. Whether it’s a solar power plant, a solar water pumping station, or an off-grid camp site, we balance technical and aesthetic factors to create a state-of-the-art system installation.

Our system design includes:

  • Electrical and mechanical design
  • Site Plan
  • System layout
  • CAD Drawings
  • Selection of equipment
  • Bill of materials
  • Equipment Data sheets

Need help with selecting the right equipment for your solar PV system?

We offer our clients PV system advice about everything from equipment selection to project investment. We assess solar modules, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, mounting systems, and BOS.

We ensure that our clients obtain the right equipment, the best guarantees, and the best price for their projects – all according to the project’s specific budget and technical requirements.

We can leverage our large network of suppliers in Europe, North America and Asia to offer clients the latest solar technologies in today’s market.

Let us help you secure your solar investment, let us implement our Solar Focused Solutions.