Solar Heating System have greatly evolved in the last 20 years both in performance and price decrease as the world demand for solar heating systems continues to grow. Specialized selective coatings are able to capture up to 96 % of the suns solar thermal energy. Evacuated tubes that can reach temperatures of 450 F are controlled with solar differential controllers. Specialized solar storage tanks have internal heat exchangers coupled with extra insulation and internal temperature ports, stainless steel insulated piping removes the need for cooper and soldering and allow you to install a system in ½ the time!

At GALEX SYSTEMS INC our Solar Heating Systems work seamlessly by integrating with the best components on the market to provide you with highest returns on your investment. All PV and Heating components are tested in our company before the selling. With our philosophy and technology a home owner or a business owner can quickly assemble any of our solar heating systems without any formal training and be guaranteed to have both maximum performance with unparalleled reliability and safety.

All our system are expandable to 2nd heating zones to form larger solar heating systems. Our solar water heaters can be combined with space heating or pool heaters to maximize your investment. All our systems can integrate the intelligent controller so you can see your savings in real time.

Solar hot water heater have been around commercially since the late 1800’s. Today solar water heating have drastically evolved due to the high performance available through solar vacuum tubes. There are an estimated 200,000,000 solar water heating systems worldwide with Asian leading the way and Europe in 2nd. Our solar water heating system use an active loop technology that indirectly heats the hot water through a closed loop and an internal heat exchanger located in the bottom of a specially designed solar water tank. Sophisticated solar differential controllers are able to maximize the systems performance delivering on average over 2 MW of FREE heat energy (on eache 30 tubes collector) to your domestic water system.

Our system can be used as either a single tank solar water heater (Supplemental), or a two tank (Pre-Heat) solar water heater. This is possible because all our solar tanks contain a minimum 3.0 Kw back up heating element that can be used should the customer decide. All our solar water heating system are able to expand to a second heating loop such as a


Pre Heat Solar Tank System:

This type of solar water heating uses two tanks. The 1st tank is called a solar pre heat tank and is a basic solar hot water storage tank. The solar pre-heat tank is used to supplement warm water to an existing hot water tank. This type of solar water heating is the most common retrofit as it uses the existing hot water tank and needs very little retrofit to the plumbing. The existing main supply line is routed to the pre-heat tank and then drawn back into the supply line after it is heated.

The most efficient solar hot water heaters use the basic theory of stratification. In stratification the solar hot water theater is heated using thermo siphon effect. This slow mixing of the water means the top layers are always the hottest. As the top water is drawn into the main tank, the hottest water is always used 1st. Since the average house hold used hot water in batches (not all at once), the solar water heating system can easily supply a daily demand.

Solar with tank-less water heaters:

The principle is identical, the water is pre-heated through the solar storage tank before it enters the tank-less heater. As an example, main line water that is coming into the home at 10 deg.C can be heated in a pre-heat tank to say 50deg.C, if the tank-less heater is set to 60deg.c, it only has to supply 10 degrees of heat energy versus 50 deg.c without the pre heat tank. That is significant heat savings!

Solar Combo Tank System:

These special designed solar hot water heaters are a combination of a solar pre-heat tank with an electric back up heater in one single unit. This tank uses an internal heat exchange in the bottom of the tank. The solar loop is piped through this loop and heats the water. The top of the tank contains an electric heater element to quickly top up the water temperature or aide in days of no sun.

Solar Combo tanks are ideal for new home installations or if your existing water tank needs replacing.