Solar Air Heating


Solar thermal energy can heat air that is to be used in an industrial, institutional, commercial or residential application and HELP YOU SAVE MONEY.


The principle of solar air heaters is very simple!  These heat tubes utilize an open vacuum technology.  Air actually fills the inner vacuum tube and is heated internally by the sun.  Warm air is lighter and rises to the top of the tube where it fills the collector manifold. The heavier cold air sinks to the bottom of the vacuum tube to be reheated by the sun.  This natural phenomenon is known as thermo-siphoning. The advantage of this type of heat system is that there is no costly copper piping involved therefor these open tubes are the most cost effective.  The second big advantage is that they can be used in an open loop or closed loop system that is controlled by the air blower.  Applications such as heating homes, commercial and industrial spaces are ideal with this type of solar air heater because the air flows directly into the tubes. These types of solar collectors could be used in applications above and below freezing point.

Solar evacuated tubes produce significant amounts of heat energy and high temperature solar system should be properly engineered. Our solar air heating systems are proven successful even in our Canadian weather conditions.  Our systems provide maximum performance with maximum safety.

Our solar air-heating system have four main parts:

  • Solar air thermal collectors

  • Air blower

  • Solar system controller

  • Solar air ducts (high temperature silicon)


However, with the advance in technology, solar vacuum tube technology is rapidly becoming the method of choice as it’s energy output is much higher and takes up less space per square foot. Mass production of solar tubes has driven the cost down to allow widespread use of vacuum tubes.

Solar air collector tubes use the sun light to heat directly the inside building air. The air blower and controller cause this hot air to circulate through the specially insulated solar ducts and eventually into a solar storage tank that normally contains an internal heat exchanger which indirectly heats the mass of water. Special Solar air-water tanks are recommended for better performance.

The brains of every solar air heating system is Solar Controller and Air Blower Station. This includes all items required to make the system function optimally and safely.