Industrial – Commercial

The principles of solar thermal heating are the same in an industrial application as a residential application only the systems are sized much larger. More panels, larger pumps and bigger storage are the main differences. Most commercial facilities have flat roofs which can be utilized for a large amount of solar panels. Proper design is important! When building a commercial solar heating system you need to consult with a solar professional. GALEX SYSTEMS INC specializes in large scale commercial applications and can ensure the proper sizing and operating temperatures. We utilize our pre-engineered commercial heating designs that allow customers to quickly size and design a project. This process ensures that customers can receive the best performance results without high added engineering fees and project management costs.

Commercial, industrial and process heating with solar vacuum tubes is one of the most cost effective means of using solar energy. Larger scale systems means that higher yields are possible with greater ROI’s. Vacuum tubes can produce much higher heat levels than other types of collectors and business such as hotels, restaurants, car washes, agricultural and food and beverage industry are prime candidates for taking advantage of the opportunities of commercial solar heating. Provincial & Federal grants are available for commercial-industrial solar heating projects.

FREE Project engineering is available with all our commercial heating packages.

Perhaps the most feasible investment in solar is for commercial applications. Unlike residential solar water heaters, commercial solar heating applications tend to have much larger demand that is steady in its requirements and the demand is usually 365 days per year. “Process water heating” is the term used for any commercial solar heating applications. There are literally 100’s of commercial applications where by solar thermal heating can be applied.

Here is a list of some common commercial applications for solar:

  • Agriculture:Dairy and Livestock industries have a large demand for hot water used to sterilize the operations on a daily basis.
  • Solar Car Washes:Hot Water
  • Solar Laundromats:Hot Water
  • Hotels:Cleaning laundry, dishes, and hot water for the guests
  • Restaurants:Dishes
  • Breweries:Process Heating
  • Food Processing:Sterilizing
  • Apartment Complex:Hot water for showers and dishes
  • Indoor Pool:Water Heating
  • Solar Air conditioning:Using Absorption Chillers, Solar is able to provide the heat for large scale cooling projects

Government Grants:

Commercial Solar Heating Systems usually have the highest available grants.

Call us and let us work with you to evaluate how solar thermal heating can be applied to your business.