The True Cost of Solar Energy



For us, Solar is not a business, it is the future of our children, a green technology to help 1.4 billion humans that still don’t have access to electricity!


In the past years we heard lots of strange things going around in the solar industry and we would like to present our version of the real cost of solar energy in Quebec.


Lets start by the facts:

  • In Montreal we have an average of 3.52 hours of sun per day (NASA Details), year round, and we all agreed a full year has 365.25 days
  • For calculation purposes, let round our energy cost to 0.09$/kW or 0.00009$/W
  • Finally, the total average cost of an installed PV System (including inverters, chargers, battery, supports, and cables) is 4.70$/W


Now with that in mind, watch out the simple math that most solar companies don’t wants you to know…


4.70$/W ÷ 0.00009$/W = 52 222 hours of sun light needed to only repay the initial investment!

From our previous facts we can conclude that in Montreal we have 1 285.68 sun hours per year (365.25 x 3.52).

This means that the 52 222.22 hours needed to repay the cost of your solar investment with Montreal Solar irradiation would take you 40.62 YEARS!

Almost all manufacturers gives you 25 years prorata performances!


Other the fact that you want to help the environment, who will buy such a systems when you have almost the cheapest energy cost with Hydro-Québec?



Even if our competitors sell a system of 1000W with 3 995.00$ you still get a ROI (Return On Investment) of 34.53 Years!

Still well over the warranty!


We have been open books since the beginning and we will continue to be.  We are here to help you, not sell you anything at any costs.

For those thinking of adding a tracking mechanism to their PV system, in our experience, it just adds to the initial investment and adds uncertainty to the long run (moving parts, which needs care and regular maintenance).


Galex is your partner in solar energy, let us help to implement our Solar Focused Solutions.