LED Floodlights

flood light


  • Certification:UL cUL ; DLC
  • Top quality CREE LED chips
  • Powers:10.5/20/30/50/66/73/100/120/150/200W
  • Voltage options: AC100-277V, 347~480V
  • Mean Well/ Eptronics UL drivers
  • Top 5 years warranty
  • IP65 for outdoor using.
  • Less lumen decrease, high brightness
  • No UV or IR radiation, Environment friendly
  • High Power factor to ensure the high energy saving



  • Patented zipped-fins technology: With zipped-fins techology,the convection airflow is evenly distributed in the cooling fins,optimizing the cooling effect.
  • 3-Dimension heat dissipation: There are convection holes distributed on each fins allowing parallel direction airflow to maximum the cooling power.
  • Respirator design: Anti-fogging and waterproof Respirator, balances the different pressure between the atmosphere and the shell.
  • Protection rate: IP65: By using water-proof connector and silicon rubber sealing , the protection rate can achieve IP65, meeting the requirement for harsh, tough environment.
  • Heat pipe-riveting & Massive Fins: By using the Ø6mm heatpipe,the heat is quickly transfered to the cooling module of massive radiation fins, efficiently reducing the temperature of the LED chips and drivers, extending the lifespan.
  • Patented HDT technology: 4×Ø6mm high efficient heatpipes contact the heat source directly,rapidly transfer the heat to the cooling module of massive radiation fins, maximing the performance of cooling.
  • High performance heatpipe cooling: The heatpipe’s principle is using the quick phases change of the liquid(medium) under vacuum condition which exchanges the heat, the heat transfer rate is superior to any metal.
  • Tempered glass panel: 4mm tempered glass panel safely protect the lighting source, and the transparent rate is high up to 93%.
  • Pure aluminium reflector: The reflector is made of pure aluminium(99.8%) which is anti-oxidation and unfading in colour, ensuring the reflection.
  • Electrophoretic paint coating: Processed by electrophoretic paint, measured by 200 hours salt spray test, the entire housing has excellent corrosion resistance
  • Wide angel for adjustment: With multiple adjustment points, the adjustment angel can be up to 180°
  • Stainless steel parts: Endurancing the corrosion of air, water, chemical acid, alkaline,salt and other materials, can be used in all kinds of harsh conditions for long term.

Many others floodlights powers available.  Contact us to get our full product list and the latest prices.